So what is the TVFish?


It’s just a little something I came up with quite a few years ago and thought was cool. So did some other people. Now I’ve finally made stickers!


I have limited quantities of B&W stickers available. (See below) If you want one or two, email me for my postal address, then send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope and I’ll take care of it.  If you have a good reason to want more, email me and we’ll see what we can work out.


The stickers are 4.25x2.75 inches and are printed with weatherproof ink on vinyl - suitable for use as bumperstickers.


The TVFish is meant to show some of the ironies present in both American life and organized religion, which is a major component of a lot of American’s lives. I believe that organized religion is quickly coming to the end of its useful life. I also think that it is from television, not the church, that most Americans form their ethics. In an attempt to illustrate both these concepts in a succinct way, I created the TVFish.


Now the “God is watching” part is just a bit of fun to make viewer’s brains itch. “What does it mean?!” It did, however, get a bit of a creepy Big Brother feel to it after I put it on there. :)


I retain rights to this image, so don’t steal it. If you aren't making money off the sale of the image or anything where it's the primary image on a thing you are selling (t-shirt, sticker, etc) then you can use this image as you wish. If you want to use it for something else, though, just explain what in an email and I’ll see if I’m cool with it.  Oh, and if you want to, you may trim off the text (I designed it that way) so you are just left with the pure fish.


~Aaron      tvfish {here-the-at-symbol-go} swishysumo [yup, dot me here] com


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